Minimum Vehicle Equipment

Note: It is not mandatory to have everything on this list to participate, but strongly reccomended that you work toward it as a goal.

 First aid kit

 Extra Prescription Meds in case you get stuck out there

 Fire extinguisher (A,B,C, type is reccomended)

 Basic Tool Kit for simple repairs like removing your tie rod

 Durable work gloves

 Durable shoes

 Air compressor to (air up!)

 Tire deflators or a key ( air down)

 Air guage (to see where you aired down to)

 CB radio – Our “Official” Channel is 21

 A gallon per person per day of water. Just in Case


 Tow strap and tow points

 Good Spare Tire

 Jack (If you have a lift/bigger tires, your stock jack may not work)

 A change of clothes (consider unexpected weather changes)

 MRE or extra food in case you have to camp unexpectedly

NOTE:  More may be added to this list as we progress forward.

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