Participating in CI4X4 Club events and logging into’s website for use constitute acknowledgement and agreement to accept the following:


Participating in Off-Highway recreation involves varying degrees of risk.

Channel Islands 4X4, it’s owner, administrators, moderators, members, affiliates and guests will not be responsible for any loss associated with participating in Channel Islands 4X4 events including but not limited to; theft, fire, damage, injury, death, business interruptions or financial losses.

Safe and legal operation of a vehicle is the responsibility of the respective vehicle’s owner/operator. Any willful unsafe act will result in exclusion from the event and possibly future events as well as removal from this site.

Any statements, comments, views or opinions expressed by any person on are those of the individual(s) and do not reflect the statements, comments, views or opinions of, it’s owner, administrators, moderators, members or affiliates.


Being off road does not make you exempt from the vehicle code. If it’s illegal on the street it’s most likely illegal on the trails.
  Operating any vehicle while engaged in CI4X4 Club activities while impaired by any substance including but not limited to alcohol, elicit drugs, prescribed and/or over the counter medications is cause for immediate revocation of membership and loss of access to the CI4X4 Club web site. There will be no warning.
  All vehicles being used to participate in CI4X4 Club activities must be in safe operating condition and completely free of any mechanical defects.
  All vehicles being used to participate in CI4X4 Club activities should meet the minimum equipment guidelines as posted on the web site.
  A minimum of three vehicles must be committed to a trail run before it can be calendared as an official CI4X4 Club run. (1 to stay and help, 1 to go and call/meet/direct help.)
  You must be a licensed and insured driver to operate a vehicle during CI4X4 club activities.
  Student drivers in possession of a valid learners permit and while accompanied by a qualified licensed driver may operate a vehicle during CI4X4 club activities with the approval of the trail boss.
  Infants and Children MUST be restrained in the age/size appropriate safety seats while participating in club runs. It is STRONGLY reccomended that small children not be brought on trail runs until they can support their own heads adequately and, are able to communicate when they are in distress. Riding on trails can include violent and unpredictable motion and forces against the body. Please give serious thought to whether a child should be on certain trails.
  While it is understood that pets are part of the family, please be sure your pet can interact socially and without aggression toward other animals or people before bringing them along on runs. You are responsible for your animal’s actions.


check  All active members of CI4x4 club have the ability to post trail runs.
  There is a minimum of three vehicles required to calendar a run.
  All trail runs must have a Trail Boss (leader) and a Tail Gunner (someone to monitor the rear of the pack to ensure no one is left behind.) If you’d like to post a run but cannot Trail Boss it, simply ask someone else to do so.
  Trail Boss and Tail Gunner must have functioning radios tuned to the Club’s official CB channel; Channel 21.
  All trail runs must be held on land that is open, legal and intended for off road use.
  While on trail runs, we must remain “on the trail” as it’s marked or delineated by natural or manmade barriers.
  All regulations posted by regulatory agencies (USFS, State Parks, BLM, Etc) must be strictly adhered to while on club runs.
  “Pack it in, pack it out.” All trash created by CI4X4 Club on club runs must be removed. See someone else’s trash?  Consider taking it with you as well.
  CI4X4 Club runs are intended for club members. If you wish to invite a non-member to a CI4X4 run, you will be responsible for their actions. If the run is limited, members have priority and guests may be wait-listed. Ex-members must have Admin permission to attend club runs.
  CI4x4 will participate in one “meet and greet” event  each month.
  CI4x4 will participate as a club in two “non-dirt” events per year.  Event organizers must contact the site owner to arrange club participation before hand.
  Members may share other events and invite other members but their participation will be as individuals.
  No one will be left alone on a club run. “You go, we go.”
  DO NOT go out alone. If you go out alone, you are on your own. Jeopardizing other members due to your poor decisions will not be tolerated. Please, don’t go out alone.
  Any member planning on attending a run or event must post on the run thread that they plan on attending. Simply showing up the day of is not sufficient. Especially on runs with possible limits or when the Trail Boss is relying on having a count.


  All members must have an avatar (profile image) and basic info on their profile within 3 days of signing on to or their status will be changed to limited member.
  Any member with an incomplete profile for greater than 7 days will be deleted.
  Any member using their profile for the purpose of spamming, phishing or promoting other sites will be deleted and permanently blocked.
  Any member not logged in to for a period greater than 1 month will be deleted. Military personnel and those undergoing long term medical care are exempt.
  Respect for all members, moderators and administrators.
  Stay on topic, don’t change the subject on a thread or go “off topic”. It derails the thread and frustrates the authors/readers.
  No profanity or offensive language. This includes by radio.
  Do not insult other members, their vehicles, equipment or skill level.
  No nudity, pornography or elicit images.
  No flaming (engaging in conflict with others in the forums).
  Do not provoke others or insight conflict between members.
  Do not bump discussion threads. Not even creatively. The entire topic will be deleted without warning.
  No soliciting of members (directly or indirectly). If they want you, they will come to you on vendor row in the useful links section.
  All off road vendors may have their site listed in the useful links section free of charge but must provide a minimum discount of 10% to CI4X4 members.
  Moderators have the authority to edit, lock and delete posts and/or entire discussion threads.
  Moderators have (on their discretion) the authority to make a discussion thread a “sticky” if said moderator feels it is in the Club’s best interest to do so.
  Moderators have the collective authority (three or more moderators in agreement) to limit, suspend or revoke membership when cause exists.
  There are no dues or fees required for membership in CI4X4, donations do however, help keep the site running ad free and cover other club related expenses.
  Photographs and audio/video recordings made during Channel Islands 4X4 events are subject to public viewing, use and reproduction without the express permission of the parties making/submitting said records. Downloading said records and/or posting links to the same implies there is no proprietary right to the record.
  If a run or event originates on the CI4x4 Club site, it is a CI4X4 Club Run and shall not be publicized elsewhere as something other than the same. Nor may it be used for the marketing or promotion of any other entity without the express written permission of the site owner.


check  All information relating to members, moderators and administrators is private and shall not be shared without the respective individual(s) consent. This includes but is not limited to; True name identity, home/business addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit and financial information.
Exception; law enforcement engaged in criminal investigations or under the authority of subpoena.
check  Any person believed to be harassing, stalking or breaching the privacy of any member will be immediately deleted and blocked from
check  Any person known to be wanted or sought as a person of interest in any criminal proceeding will be reported directly to law enforcement.
  Any person registered as a sex offender may not participate in CI4X4 club activities or be members of There are almost always children present.

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